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July 22, 2024








INSIDE/Commercial Wireman ~ 5 Year Program
At time of application:

At least 18 Years of Age (CA Drivers License, Birth Certificate or other Proof of Age)
High School Graduation or G.E.D. (Valid Certificate or Diploma)
Photo ID (ex: Valid-CA Drivers License)

Proof of Algebra - Sealed (unopened) Official Transcript with One Full Year (2 semesters) of High School Algebra with passing grade = “C” or better. Pre-Algebra does NOT count. 
All Information MUST be presented in English when filing the application.

  For any interpretation of foreign educational documents use available link: Academic & Prof. Intl. Eval.

• Applicants meeting minimum requirements and completing application will be notified and scheduled to take a 2-part aptitude examination, consisting of Reading Comprehension and Mathematics
• Applicants who pass the aptitude test will be notified and then scheduled for an ORAL INTERVIEW
• The combination score (written and oral interview) will place the applicant in the pool of eligible candidates

Applications must be made in person and at our facility.
Only individuals present at application process with all required documents will be allowed to apply.

Aug 12, 2008


We will accept applications

December 9th thru 13th of 2024, and

January 6th thru 10th of 2025

When the Solano-Napa Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee 
is accepting applications, they will be taken in the following manner:

Applications are accepted on an as needed basis. Our home page will provide any information with regard to upcoming application acceptance dates.

Must appear in person with all required 
Criteria inculding Completed Application to
720-A Technology Way
Napa, CA 94558

**ONLY between 1:00pm. and 4:30 pm.**

Please Note:We will not be addressing any individual questions, needs, or considerations at the time of your application.

Oct 07, 2008

INSTRUCTIONS: Open up the link ~ Print out the form ~ Completely fill out the form in English ~ Bring the completed form with you at specified application date and time.

Inside Application.xls

Aug 27, 2008

Instructions for the Sample Test

As part of the selection process, you may be required to take an aptitude test battery designed to determine whether you possess the abilities that will help you succeed within the electrical construction industry.

The sample questions provided are similar to those on the actual tests, allowing you to know what to expect on the day of your test session.

You should read the sample questions on each test carefully and then examine each of the responses. Only one answer is correct for each question. Choose the response that you think is correct. Check your answers with the provided sample test answer key to see if you responded correctly.

If you find some of the sample items to be difficult for you, you may want to review material that is similar to the sample items.



Sample Reading Comprehension.pdf
Sample Test Answer Key.pdf
Sample Algebra and Functions.pdf

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